Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kirito Cosplay: Part 2: Cutting the Sword

Greetings Internet!

Well surprisingly enough, I've actually cut out the the sword all ready! Well to be fair I cut it out a couple of  days ago but have been too lazy to actually post. Still here I am, better late than never eh?

Well let's actually go in-depth here and offer some actual insight into how I did this, so that you the reader can either, laugh at my horrible setup and cosplay techniques or take heed of what I've done and use it when you try to cosplay!

So the tools you'll need to start are as follows:

1. Sword Template done on Foam.
2. Some sort of cutting device (in my case a box cutter).
3. Something to cut on. (cardboard in my case.)
4. A ruler. (trust me, you need a ruler.)
5. A helpful friend!

Well then here's a picture of my setup and tools.
Amazing eh? Well to say the least this blog isn't called Master Nerding, so my terrible setup can be excused for now. Anyways what you want to do is cut out the drawing of your sword (duh), I found that using the ruler and box cutter like a pencil and ruler helped me cut straighter than by just free handing.

Still the theme of this blog is getting other people to do my work for me... So Handy was nearby and he was rather willing to help!
Of course he complained about the dullness of my box cutter (how ungrateful eh?) but he had a pocket knife on him that he pulled out and began to cut. To tell the truth Handy kinda scares me... but he's doing my work for me so all is forgiven! 

After a tiresome hour or so of work, more than three quarters of that spent talking and drinking, we (read he) finished cutting out the blade! If I do say so myself it looks amazing!
Although the hilt is rather long... Handy said he would iron out all the kinks out, so let's hope that it turns out amazing! Handy took the sword back to his workshop and told me he would crave out of wood and then paint the sword for me! It should be done by mid-October, so expect pictures then! Below is the garbage left over from the cutting of the sword.
Remember to clean after yourselves! Don't make someone else do all your work for you eh? Well then with that done, I don't have much to blog... So this will be the last cosplay post until Handy finishes making my sword, you can expect some other random nerdingness, so until then seeya!

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