Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inept Crafting: Duct Tape Wallet

Greetings Internet!

Well, today is going to be a change, I don't have any cosplay things to post, so I was struggling to find something to blog about. Thankfully for my blogging career, a spot of inspiration struck me. So without further ado (which in all honest I love to do): Making a Duct Tape Wallet! Yes you read that correctly, we are going to be making a wallet out of duct tape, and this time, I'll be having no help from anyone! Albeit I am using my sister's old duct tape purse (wasn't she cool) as a reference! So let's do this!

First here's a picture of mu current (rather beat up wallet) that we are trying to recreate.

The background of these photos are the remnants of the duct tape purse my sister made. Okay lets see if we can do it!

Right first thing first would be do make the very back. I first used some paper as a base and covered it in duct tape. The paper I used was the thick kind that advertisers will use for ads, its nice and thick and easy to bend!

Well, not very easy to bend... Also rather hard to cover with duct tape, and rather hard to make it look pretty.

Next, what we do is add onto the second layer, so we can put money into it!

So once more, this is rather hard to, by now I've been working for quite a bit... So after combing the two layers together we get this!

 Sweet, this is starting to look like a pretty nice looking wallet eh? Although, it's still missing some things, like card holders, and a space for change. Well lets work on the later for now.

Well, first of all you once again can see why this sight is called Inept Nerding. I wrote the wrong blog name on wallet... Of course I wrote it in permanent marker, so I decided that the name would be facing on the inside of the wallet. This would be the result.

Sweet, huh? Not really, the coins kept falling out of the wallet, so I needed to figure out a way to cap the top so that we could make sure the coins don't fall out. This is what I came up with.

Just a small layer of duct tape over the slit so that no coins fall out! Here is a picture of it upside down!

See! No coins falling out!

It's magic! Well onto the last part, the card holder, this is going to be a little harder... First you have to find out the right size to make it. Then you have to attach it in such a way that your cards don't stuck into the tape... So good luck! I just realized that I haven't told you anything, about how to actually do this... Oh well figure it out yourself!

The final product! So, I hope that this blog post inspired you to make your own duct tape thing as it sure wasn't teaching you how to make anything! Until next time, seeya!

So I google Duct Tape Wallet... Oh well! No one said I was creative!

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