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NaNoWriMo: Intro Post

Greetings Internet!

So November has started and with it so has NaNoWriMo! I myself will trying my best to go with it and actually write out a fifty thousand word novel! I hope that all you readers, so none of you as most of you are being directed here by google images, wish me luck! After the jump, is my first day's work done yesterday. Feel free to leave a comment!

Date: October 24th
Location: Unknown
Operative: Baker
Subject: RE: Mission

Understood, I'll take a look into it, but don't you think this may be a bit far-fetched? I mean [REDACTED] so close to a city full of people? Even if they had a [REDACTED] like you said, I don't think they would be so ballsy. Well I'm nearby anyways, so I should arrive at [REDACTED] in about a day, I'll do my best. This isn't another recruiting mission in disguise is it? Because I swear if I have to bring some newbies back to HQ again I’ll… [END OF TRANSMISSION]

October 25th 4:20pm
Train to Central Station

"It was an ordinary day, in a rather ordinary town, no one would expect anything out of the ordinary to happen, and they were right, nothing is going to happen today. Tomorrow, the same, but next week.... who knew what could happen?" A man with short black hair sporting a suit jacket and pair of jeans muttered to himself as he typed on a laptop. He brushed a hand through his hair and adjusted his sunglasses. The man went back to typing when the train came to a sudden stop. Suitcases shook and fell from their overhand compartments, while a rather apologetic sounding train conductor mumbled apologies over the PA.

The man who was quite obviously unperturbed stifling a yawn before closing his laptop, he stood up and placed it into a messenger bag over his shoulder. Glancing at his watch, the man let out a deep sigh.

 “Well, it appears to be five hours until I need to report back. What do I do now…?” Muttering to himself the man exited the train, and began to head outside the train station. As he left he spotted a small coffee shop across the street.

“Well then, I guess I can go grab some coffee.” Crossing the street, he entered the small shop, and walked up to the counter. A rather cute blond waitress smiled at the man, “Hi! Welcome, how can I help you?” The man glanced at the menu hung above her, “Just a coffee; black.” The waitress’s smile disappeared at the man’s rather curt and uninterested response. “One moment please.”

As the waitress began to fill a paper cup with coffee, the man glanced outside the display windows towards the street. Suddenly the man’s entire body tensed and he took a step back bumping into the counter. “Er- are you okay?” The voice of the waitress shook, him from his slight daze, “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” Turning back to face the waitress he took his drink from off the counter and walked off towards a table next to the window.

Putting down his drink, the man opened his back up his bag and pulled out his laptop. Sipping his coffee the man began to type rapidly. After about an hour of furious typing the man took another sip to find that his cup was now empty. The waitress at this point had come up to him, the man turned to give her an odd look; she shouldn’t know that he had already finished his drink. He glanced around the small cafe; there wasn't a huge mass of people waiting to be served, so the waitress shouldn't be asking him to leave just yet.

Readjusting his sunglasses, the man said, "Can I help you miss?" The waitress seemed monetarily surprised at the man's voice but shook her head before giving him a smile. "Yes, I was just wondering. Are you an author of some kind?" Her eyes glinted with either admiration, or envy the man couldn't really tell.

"Well you could call me an author, but I'm more of an editor." The man took another glance at his watch and then began to pack away his laptop into a leather suitcase.

The waitress's eyes glowed brighter, "Really! What do you usually edit!?" The man stood up brushed off some non-existent dirk on his shoulder. Taking a step forward, he entered well into the comfort zone of the waitress. So close to her that she could smell the slightest bit of vanilla cologne on him. She let out a small squeak, and her face flushed brightly and she took a step back.

"Fictional Fantasy Biographies." The man gave the woman a wild grin before placing a fifty dollar bill on the table and heading towards the door, he paused before exiting, "Keep the change."

With that the man left the café took about five steps before he turned the corner into an alleyway and promptly broke into wild laughter. "Oh my god, her face, when I said "Fictional Fantasy Biographies! That was priceless!" Slapping his knee in joy, the man slowly began calm down and stopped laughing. "Well then." Suddenly serious once more, the man turned directly behind and pulled out a small pistol from under his jacket, aiming it towards a window directly above him he took a shot.

A normal gunshot is not quiet; in fact most would classify a gunshot to be rather loud. Yet the sound that came from the .22 caliber Desert Eagle he had just taken a shot with was about ten times too loud for a gun that size. The noise seemed to bounce through the alleyway echoing wildly, yet people who were passing by the alleyway seemed to almost not even see the man, let alone hear the gunshot. Of course the thing that was behind the window, noticed the shot fired, well it was hard not to notice a gunshot when the result of it was suddenly lodged in its flesh.  The entrance point around the shot, was smoking, and the flesh around it bubbled as if it was boiling.  

"You like that? That was a specially made silver .22 rimfire bullets, small enough so they get stuck into your flesh, but still strong enough to pierce even the strongest of hides. Now why don't you get down here so we can have a nice chat?" The man gave a cocky smile towards whatever was currently shrieking behind the now broken window.

"RAHL YATAK!" An inhuman voice, that sounded like a chorus of five screamed back at him. A clawed hand clambered up on the window ledge and the creature gave a rather unkind hand gesture towards the man.

"Now, now, there's no need to get insulting!" The man shouted in the most patronizing voice he could pull off. "You know too well that humans don't understand supernal, but I see that sign language is universal!"

"RAHL YATAK!" The five voices echoed once more.

"Fine, if you want another reminder so badly!" Taking careful aim the man raised his pistol once more, only for the creature to suddenly leap outside of the window. The creature crashed into the wall across from the window and let out a shriek. It was nearly five feet tall, and two feet wide, its large bat-like wings gave it an extra two feet in both height and width. Its skin was a bright red, and its swinging bladed tail nearly took the man's arm as it suddenly leaped upwards. A devil, horns and all, shrieked in a mixture of pain and anger as it suddenly crashed into an invisible barrier that was at the top of the alleyway.

“Now, now, I’m smart enough that I set up a barrier, you’re not leaving here anytime soon.” Aiming his gun at the monster’s head the man smiled. The devil’s tail suddenly whipped forward smacking the gun out of the man’s hand.

“Well shit.” The devil gave the man a wide grin, before taking a step forward, its tail poised dangerously level with the man’s neck. “Double shit.”

The man leaped to the forward, diagonally to where his gun was on the ground, at the same time the devil’s tail struck forward to where the man’s neck had just been. Ducking down into a roll, the man grabbed the gun and jumped placing a foot on the wall next to him. Pushing off with his foot he spun around to the face the devil, gun pointed forward the man shot twice the second the devil came into his view. The devil let out a wild scream and turned rapidly before throwing itself into a body slam.

“Ugh” The breath was knocked out of him, as he slammed into a dumpster, “Son of a bitc-“ the man’s curse was cut off as the devil’s tail suddenly came down onto this shoulder. Clenching his teeth the man grunted and grabbed the tail making before the devil could either continue through his body or pull out his tail and leave a gaping hole where his shoulder was. Reaching back into his coat the man quickly pulled out a dagger and slashed the tail in an attempt to cut the tail off.

The devil leaped back, shrieking and suddenly looked up. “Shit, the barrie-“ the devil leaped up and flew up. The monster shrieking in pain flew straight up into the sky.

It seemed looked back down at the man, “RAHL YATAK! MAK LARZ SHA!” with those final words the beast flew off. Luckily enough it seemed that the people of the town were either brainless or clueless, didn’t seem to notice the devil as it flew over their heads. 

"Triple shit." The man calmly said, as he leaned against the alley wall and slid down to the floor. Staring at where the devil had just been, he sighed before glancing at the large bladed tail in his shoulder. Sighing once more, he placed his dagger and his pistol back under his jacket. Muttering to himself he took grabbed the tail with both hands.

“This shouldn’t hurt as bad as you think it would, just do this calmly and cleanly.” Taking a deep breath he pushed upward and the tail slipped out of his shoulder with a sickening sloshing noise. Wincing, he quickly placed the tail next to him on the floor, and reached into his bag. Pulling out a bandage roll, he began to wrap his shoulder.

“The things I do for work…” As the man began to finish his bandaging his cell phone began to ring rather loudly, "Quadruple shit." The man reached into his pocket and took out his phone to look at the caller ID, "Quintriple shit."  The man glanced to the right, and then to the left before calming rejected the call and placing it back into his pocket. The phone began to ring the second he had placed it, ignoring his phone the man stood up unsteadily. He began to exit the alleyway, before pausing to pick up the tail.

“Don’t want to forget this.” Continuing his exit the man walked out into the street. "Let's hope no one too curious saw that little scramble eh?"

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